Really Nifty Examples of Flash at Work

If you want to take a look at a really nifty site that really makes good use of Flash, take a look at Eternal Egypt. I am admittedly biased, since I did a bunch of work on one of the Flash components on the site, namely the map explorer, but this site really was a huge undertaking and shows how Flash can be used to visualize large quantities of data in easy to digest ways.

Screen shot of Eternal Egypt web site

Photoshop Shadows and Highlights Tool

I have been playing with Photoshop CS lately, and have been playing with a number of the features targetted at photographers. One adjustment that has been added is called Shadow/Hilight. It does an amazing job of retrieving detail lost in dark shadows or bright hilights. The example below shows the results with the shadow slider set to 50%:

sample image before and after shadow adjustment

I am quite impressed with the features added to Photoshop CS for digital photographers. I already knew about the RAW file parsing abilities, but it is a nice treat to see this one.